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Fly Fish the Famous Salmon River

The Salmon River is famous for the annual migration of Steelhead, Brown Trout and Salmon from Lake Ontario.  The migration begins in late September and continues well into the winter.  These are very large fish and provides the fly fisherman with the best chance to catch a trophy fresh water fish on the fly.  The Salmon River boasts the largest run of Steelhead and Salmon of any of the Great Lake tributaries and it isn’t uncommon for a fisherman to catch as many as a dozen trophy fish in a day.  The public sections of the river can become crowded and because of this Captain LaSorte maintains a membership at the Douglaston fishing club.  This private section of the river is a great place to beat the crowds due to the limit on membership and is fly fishing only.  Catching a freshwater fish weighing double digits is a real possibility on the Salmon River.


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